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Welcome to Moira Farnham Garden Design, offering a full range of garden design, consultancy and project monitoring services. Moira Farnham has worked on almost every conceivable type of garden in the UK, from small courtyards and city rooftop terraces to large country gardens for growing families. Sometimes the garden design project is just a section of a larger area and the project is successfully completed in just a few weeks. At the other end of the spectrum, she has consulted on a number of major schemes, covering several acres and lasting a few years. Every project is different and unique - from private courtyard gardens relying on a limited palette of materials and colour with clean geometry, to large country gardens and wildflower meadows, blending with a wider landscape and attractive to wildlife, or vegetable gardens and productive orchards. Traditional or contemporary in style all depends on the client’s personal taste, the property and location.

Moira's services cover every aspect of garden design: from a single visit to offer initial guidance or identify plants, for a recently acquired property, for example; to the preparation of detailed outline plans, with all the construction details including local planning issues, irrigation and drainage, lighting, swimming pools, tennis courts and full planting schemes. She will also manage the tendering and monitor the construction phases, producing full specifications and co-ordinating the work of the construction team. Contractors are always carefully selected from a range of professional companies known to Moira, ensuring that they have precisely the right skills to implement the design properly. And after the project has been completed, Moira is frequently asked by clients to return to advise on ongoing maintenance and the future development of the garden, so that year after year the garden goes from strength to strength.

Moira Farnham is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers, the professional body for garden designers. There are only around 200 designers across the UK recognised by the Society.

"It's all about relationships and communication and a golden rule for me is that every project I undertake receives my personal attention throughout. Getting to know the client is crucial because only then can I design something that will enhance their lives and be unique to them. Attention to detail is key. Clients trust me to ensure that their new garden is built well by competent professionals. Part of my job is to take the stress out of the situation: creating a new garden should be an exciting and life changing"

Whatever the size or scope of your project, Moira Farnham Garden Design offers a solution to meet your requirements, timescale and budget. To see more of her work, please click here.

Garden in Hampshire

Cobham garden

Evening light Hampshire

Cantilevered steps

Rambler rose over pool house
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