Garden No 2: Formal scented garden Surrey

Formal scented garden Surrey - Plan

This parterre garden in Surrey is laid out with box hedges and topiary, creating a strong pattern that draws the eye away from large newly built houses just beyond the wall. The beds are filled with lavender to create a restful, scented environment and there is an adjoining cool shaded courtyard next to the home office. The garden has a simple geometry and understated planting. Painted hardwood trellis and Versailles planters help to create the sense that this is an outdoor room.


  • Ground falls away to base of new boundary wall - Before - 1
  • New build creates privacy issues - Before - 2
  • Degree of slope and view of the home office - Before - 3
  • Open view allows the eye to settle on neighbours - Before - 4


  • Formal Scented Garden - After - 1
  • Trellis screen harmonises with the colour of lavender - After - 2
  • Painted arbour waiting for arrival of creamy rambler rose - After - 3
  • Levels have been dropped to reduce the slope and create an inward looking garden - After - 4
  • Topiary box shapes act as focus points - After - 5
  • Courtyard garden just planted - After - 6
  • Lavender lightly trimmed for Autumn/Winter - After - 7
  • Cool monochrome palette highlights golden Autumn foliage - After - 8

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