Garden No 3: Large family garden in the Surrey Hills

Large family garden in the Surrey Hills - Plan

Situated on chalk downland in the Surrey Hills, this arts and crafts garden was created on a previously derelict site. The scheme for the main garden exudes a sense of formality and grandeur – in sympathy with the large, elegant detached house on the 3 acre plot – and, at its heart, is a formal lily pool with a rill and water staircase. The garden is spacious and airy, ideal for this large energetic young family and their pets and is perfect for social gatherings and entertaining, with a generous level lawn that can be used to set down a big marquee. A new outdoor swimming pool is screened by exotic planting and trellis. By contrast to the formal layout of the main garden there is a spectacular wild meadow with mown grass paths, where four different varieties of wild orchids grow together with white helleborine, harebells, scabious and over 100 other species.


  • Abandoned garden - Before - 1
  • Remnants of an older garden - Before - 2
  • Shut down by huge conifers - Before - 3
  • A tiny glimpse of a fantastic view - Before - 4


  • Stunning lily pool in sunken garden - After - 1
  • Secret pathway through macleaya and grasses - After - 2
  • Sun seat and brimming pool - After - 3
  • Water staircase with lavender and irises - After - 4
  • Tropical feel to planting for new swimming pool - After - 5
  • Hardwood trellis screens to pool - After - 6

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