Garden No 7: Weekend retreat with ponds and waterfalls

Weekend retreat with ponds and waterfalls - Large

Situated in a conservation area, on an open plot, fringed by the pine woods and heath, very typical of some areas of Surrey Berkshire Dorset and Hampshire this property is used by its owners as a weekend retreat – a place to relax and party. Water is the dominant theme and it works to stunning effect in this sloping site. A large timber deck sits over a ‘spring’, with water bubbling up and out along a shallow stream bed before dropping down through a series of cascades to a large deep pool at the bottom. Wide, generous steps now lead from the sitting room up into the garden, the path meandering through the woodland edge and climbing to an upper deck and open-sided pavilion complete with a small drinks fridge. The perfect spot to relax and unwind!


  • Dark gloomy bare - Before - 1
  • Woodland fringe and scrub - Before - 2
  • Poor heathland soil heather pine and wild rhododendron - Before - 3


  • View from the upper pool - After - 1
  • Cascade and bridgework under construction - After - 2
  • Rockwork walls and reconfigured levels - After - 3

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